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AFI MSOY Town Hall

The Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year® Program is so much more than an award; it’s a community, it’s a feeling, and honestly, we believe once you experience it for yourself through our Town Hall, you’ll feel what we do: it’s a family. With engaging speakers providing encouragement, strategies for thriving and even tactical knowledge about how to better everything from your resume to your marriage, the Town Hall is your opportunity to feel the power of the AFI MSOY program and to meet fellow military spouses from across the world who are working to make a difference. Whether you’re a brand new Spouse of the Year, a veteran spouse or simply looking for a connection, the Town Hall has something for all AFI MSOY Program alumni. The camaraderie that is built during the AFI MSOY week is the kind that will last you a lifetime. See what it’s all about by attending this year’s Town Hall.




Sponsorship Opportunities

Learn more about sponsorship opportunities by emailing us at The Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year® Program would not be possible without the help of our incredible partners and sponsors. Military spouses are passionate volunteers, dedicated public servants and fiercely loyal. Our military spouses support so much more than just their service members; they support all of our freedoms, as well. They are the backbone of our military and the hearts of our home front.

We are honored to deliver a program that recognizes these sacrifices and service, and hope you will join us in supporting our military and our military spouses through sponsoring the AFI MSOY Program.