Jaime Waterbury

Branch: Air Force

Duty Station: USAG Wiesbaden

Number of Deployments: 4

Number of PCS's: 7

Share your military spouse story:
My military spouse journey is not unlike many other military spouses I have come across in the past 16 years. After leaving active duty Air Force and moving overseas I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do professionally. I did what most military spouses do OCONUS where the job market is incredibly competitive - I started volunteering. At that time remote work positions were practically unheard of, and opportunities to develop professionally outside of a traditional 4 year school were limited. I was not alone in feeling this way and this is where Americans Working Around the Globe, better known as AWAG came into my life. AWAG was a way to network with other military spouses at my local installation that I normally wouldn't have met. Then in the spring of every year, AWAG hosts a large annual seminar where military spouses from all over the UK, Europe, and Africa come for a week-long professional development seminar. There I learned so much from other spouses with far more experience than I and I've made it my mission to try and support military spouses' professional development as much as I possibly could, the way others helped me.

Share an example of your leadership experience within the military community:
I've served as the Wiesbaden Area Representative for the Nonprofit Americans Working Around the Globe (AWAG) for the past 2 years. As the Wiesbaden Area Rep I hosted free professional development seminars for my community. I curated the seminars with amazing speakers from our local organizations like the American Red Cross, Association of the United States Army, United Service Organizations, Army Community Service, and more that some new military spouses may not have known were available to them on the installation. This was an opportunity for military spouses to network, learn, and make friends, especially if they were new to life overseas. I also serve as the Outreach Coordinator for AWAG, putting in grant requests to support our annual professional development seminar. The generosity that I witnessed from the military spouses club from several different countries that contributed to this event truly reminds me that military spouses are the biggest advocates of military spouses.

Describe your involvement in the military community:
My commitment to the community goes beyond AWAG, I actively participate in the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 27's special events committee. As a team we orchestrated a remarkable outreach BBQ event, a first in over five years, providing a free gathering space for over 90 veterans, service members, and their families. I also serve as the Awards Chairperson and the operations point of contact for the VFW post in the Volunteer Management Information System, recruiting new members who also care about giving back to the community. As a Key Spouse for the 4th Air Support Operations Group, I help new families transition into the army installation and overseas community to which they may be new to and assist current families in times of need. I'm an active member of the Aukamm Parent Teacher Association with special events supplies and raffle basket items, the Wiesbaden Community Spouses Club, the Air Force Association, and the American Red Cross as well.

Describe how you support your community:
I support my community in many ways, one of them being as a Wiesbaden Garrison Ambassador, where I participate in initiatives such as the CR2C, Family Social Working Group, Community Information Forum, and Town Halls. Additionally, I have for the past two years been a participant in the ACS's Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) where we discussed top quality of life issues that not only affect the installation but affect spouses in Europe and the military as a whole. This year I briefed the Garrison Commander and then the IMCOM Director on a particular issue that was close to my heart and that was complete access to telehealth for military spouses anywhere in the world. I also serve as the VP of Family Programs in Europe for the Association of the United States Army, (AUSA) attending the national conference in Washington D.C. to see how best to support those newly married, new to the military life, and new to living abroad through a program I am implementing called Military 101.

What do you advocate for? Why?
I advocate for professional development opportunities for military spouses, especially those living in Africa, Europe, and Asia where the job market is more competitive, limited by English-speaking opportunities, or challenged by individual countries Status of Force Agreement stipulations of military family member employment. I also encourage volunteer engagement in a much more professional way for military spouses' clubs. Spouse clubs are filled with fun and camaraderie for sure. Still, they also have many opportunities for professional development for military spouses especially now that many clubs are transitioning to 501c3 Non-Profits. Spouses can take what they've learned supervising a team or leading a nonprofit and parlay that into professional experience on their resume.

How have you spread the message of your platform/advocacy?
I have spread my message through educational programs like AUSA Family Programs Army 101, Professional Development Seminars through Americans Working around the Globe and now implementing the many resources that the Council of Military Spouses Clubs has into courses that spouse clubs can take starting with Volunteer Orientation & Recruiting this spring. Volunteering can help individuals develop professionally, I'm here to help connect spouses to the many resources that are out there.

What do you hope to accomplish with the AFI Military Spouse of the Year® title?
I ultimately want to help provide educational classes for military spouses on professional development while unemployed or underemployed.


Jaime is a long-standing supporter of military spouse professional development. As the Americans Working Around the Globe (AWAG) Outreach Coordinator she provided a free professional development seminar in Wiesbaden with expert instructors from ACS, ARC, USO, and more. She also aided in securing 14K in funding for the 8 other local installation seminars and 18K for the 2023 AWAG Annual Seminar. She serves as the VP of Family Programs in Europe for AUSA where she partners with local job fairs and teaches Army 101. Quality of Life issues are her top priority as a Wiesbaden Garrison Ambassador, where she attends Army Family Action Planning Conferences, Town Halls, & Family Working Groups. She is currently the Key Spouses for the 4th ASOG but spouses aren't her only priority. She's a member of the PTA & local VFW. She's ever-evolving and is a current student studying Humanities where she hopes to work for a nonprofit that supports veterans and military families after graduating next fall
- by Kaitlyn Avello