Nycholl Miller

Branch: Navy

Duty Station: Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans

Number of Deployments: 1

Number of PCS's: 1

Share your military spouse story:
I have been a proud Navy wife for 5 years, a mother, small business owner, and helping as many as I can as they PCS to New Orleans. I absolutely love being apart of this military community in New Orleans! I have 3 beautiful children who I adore. Watching them grow and learn new things has been such an amazing experience. My husband and I met in my home town of Fort Worth while he was in schooling for the Navy. The 3 months he was in Texas we spent everyday together! We made the decision to be long distance for a year to allow my daughters to finish school before moving on to our Next Adventure in NOLA. We all feel in love with him and moved down to New Orleans to be with him. I could not ask for a better partner in my life and father to my children. 3 years ago is when I really opened my wings within this community I was a little intimated at first! I have met some of the most wonderful people here and made so many friends along the way who have impacted my life for forever! We decided to re-tour here when I got into real estate 2 years ago! My dad is retired and served our country in Iraq and I learned so much from him about respecting our members and understanding the sacrifices they make daily for us to be free and I am forever grateful of him! My business is so impactful in this community because I go above and beyond for anyone who moves here to help them find the right housing, location, events, schools for their children, and so much more! I love my clients dearly! I plan on continuing to make a difference in this community until the day I leave. I am so appreciative for this opportunity!

Share an example of your leadership experience within the military community:
I really took a liking to meeting new people and helping in anyway that I can no matter how big or how small. Being the admin of our spouse page has allowed me the platform to really get in front of our community and identify the needs of our members. I am there to help them with resources, find answers to their PCS questions, and over all give them someone they can trust and build on when they need anything at all. As a realtor in this community I have really taken the forefront of learning all things PCS, terms, and what our members are looking for. I have helped several families PCS from all over the world and be doing this I am a tool to those who need me not just for purchasing a home yet knowing how to direct them when they need it most. The smiles on their faces light me up. I have cried with clients who have because friends, laughed, and loved them to death!

Describe your involvement in the military community:
The last 2 years I have provided meals to over 25 families for Thanksgiving. Its one less stress they have to worry about around the holiday season! My team and I supplied all the fixings, turkeys, and additional gift cards to those who needed it. In 2022 I started the 12 days of Christmas give away. This event was created to give children, singles, and or families a little less to worry about over Christmas! We gave away different gifts everyday for 12 days to families in need! I also in 2023 am donating proceeds from my closings to charities of my clients choice. My clients/friends always thank me for giving or donating. What some of them do not know is that they impact me more. Speaking with those who have lost loved ones, grown their family, or having a hard time being away from loved ones is why I help every chance I get. If I can make a difference for someone just a little bit my heart is full and happy!

Describe how you support your community:
My passion is taking care of our families. When we had hurricane in 2021 it caused devastation to our whole city. My husband was in Japan and it was just me and the kids. We decided as a little unit we would get some generators for families and supply gas for those in need. We then helped out on the base cleaning up the after math of Ida. A family we were close with stayed with us during the hurricane because their home had the potential to be destroyed. We just over all wanted to be there to help in anyway we can. My heart just goes out to all of us who are so far from family and have to endure through these storms! My husband and I volunteer our time to this community because we understand how hard it is to have a spouse who cant always be there for things! Just as they are there for us when he foes on det. We have to take care of each other especially in today's world. We have to teach our children to be kind, loving, and patient. Make sure as a whole we understand that.

What do you advocate for? Why?
I advocate for our veterans and our military. Rather we are in war time or not they sign on that dotted line for us and our freedoms. Our members miss holidays, birthdays children being born, and so much more to keep us safe. Growing up with a father who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan really taught me the values like integrity, loyalty, passion for others, independence, and hard work. My heart holds a special place for veterans and their families.

How have you spread the message of your platform/advocacy?
On facebook I always say something positive, be a resource, and create post to help families. I am a realtor and with my success I give back every chance I get. We are blessed in my household and paying it forward or making someone day is priceless. When someone ask a question and I do not know the answer I research until I find it. I just wanted to be a leader in this community and help where I can. I want families to feel a little stress during the holidays. I want our base to be a safe place. My heart is the happiest when I am taking care of others.

What do you hope to accomplish with the AFI Military Spouse of the Year® title?
I hope to accomplish other moms and families understand that they can go after their dreams even if they move every 3-4 years. That they are not alone and we are here to be a vessel for them. I hope to learn from others across the country on what they do for their local communities and if they'd work for us too! I hope to make more friends I can grow from and with. I would love to be able to grow from this experience and open doors to help more families. This is my first year being nominated and I cried. The person who nominated me does so much for our community and I was honored she chose me. I just cant wait to go through this experience and learn with other spouses!


Professionally, as a realtor, Nycholl ensures that military families aren’t being taken advantage of during the home buying/selling process. She works tirelessly to get her families what they need. However, she doesn’t stop at real estate. She has hosted toy giveaways during Christmas. She has provided multiple families with holiday meals. I don’t just mean a turkey here or there. She has provided FULL meals to families in our community! If she knows of a family/individual that needs help, she helps them. She makes people feel valued and seen. She truly has a heart of gold and our world needs more people like her!
- by LeeAnn Mozingo

She’s the best
- by Anri Pfister

Nycholl is such a supportive spouse and friend. She helps anyone and everyone and is always such a sweet person to everyone. She is also a mother of 3 beautiful babies and continues to helps so many other families while her husband is constantly deployed. I couldn’t think of a stronger spouse to support.
- by Kimberly Stroman

Nycholl goes above and beyond for her military spouse community. She is an admin on a spouse Facebook page that often helps new families to the area. She is also a local realtor who is very knowledgeable on military moves, the VA loan and all stuff regarding moves. During Thanksgiving, she donated several turkey dinners to families in need. She is an asset to the military community and we are lucky to have her. She definitely deserves the recognition for being military spouse of the year!
- by Wendi Echeverry

Nycholl is an incredible asset to the military community at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans. One of her greatest passions is supporting military families in finding safe, affordable, and enjoyable housing in the New Orleans area. Beyond this, Nycholl is consistently the first person to offer support, advice, and guidance to any service member or spouse in need. Over the holidays, Nycholl donated 10+ meals to military family’s in need. She also created a spreadsheet with local resources to provide to new spouses in the community. It is very clear that Nycholl loves her military community and would be able to further enhance her support with this honorable title behind her name.
- by Melissa Nauss

She’s the absolute best. 10/10
- by Tyler Pfister