Brittany Kirk

Branch: Navy

Duty Station: Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Number of Deployments: 3

Number of PCS's: 3

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Brittany has spent her career committed to supporting the military community. I met Brittany when my husband was stationed in San Diego. She was the FACE of the ASYMCA, an advocate for San Diego milfams. She wasn’t yet married to the military but she was our biggest ally and supporter. Along her professional journey she met her love - a service member - and joined our community as a milspouse. She continued her career with Blue Star Families and eventually I had the honor of hiring her at Humana Military as a member of our Office of Population Health team. She is a leader, a survivor, a colleague, a friend, a mother to two precious boys, and an incredible military spouse. I would love to recognize my friend with this recognition.
- by Stephanie Muckey