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brandi jones

Marine Corps

Duty Station:
Naval Postgraduate School Monterey

Number of Deployments:

Number of PCS's:

Share your military spouse story:
I have been married for 15 years to my Mustang Marine. I believe this has giving me a unique outlook, and helped shape my ideas of how to be there for others. Seven years ago I walked away from something that I valued immensely, my education, and I didn’t look back. I’ve helped raise our children and have never left my husband’s side. I’ve devoted every waking hour to this Marine Corps way of life, my family, & my community which isn’t for the faint of heart! I'm excited to have graduated last Spring earning my B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Minor in Creative Writing from Liberty University. I also earned my Graduate Certificate from Cornell in Diversity and Inclusion. Six months ago my family & I were living in Arizona, 3 years before that Northern Virginia, and the year before that Orange County, California and now Monterey California! This is what being a military family is like. My greatest blessings are our children who are ages 12 & 14. They have attended three schools in three different states in a three year window and still maintained straight A’s, & joyful hearts! When it’s time to move as a family we view it as an adventure, a way to serve others & be a part of the local community.

Describe your involvement in the military community:
I have been recognized as “A Hero at Home”, as well as a recipient of the “Opening Doors Award“ from the Girl Scouts for serving an underserved community, military girls. I created the preschool playgroup, “Mommies Like Us,” to bring military spouses with toddles together for socialization & learning. I’m a member of The Spouses of Monterey Bay Club, as well as a contributing writer for Monterey Bay Parent Magazine.

Share an example of your leadership experience within the military community:
During my first PCS as a marine spouse our orders were changed in route & when we arrived at our duty station the new unit my husband was assigned to was already deployed to Iraq. He was given less than a month to help us find a home & unpack before he had to follow the unit there. After he deployed to Iraq our children and I had no friends or family for 1,000 miles. I didn’t know about the family readiness program and had no contact with the unit other than a newsletter that was published quarterly. I felt isolated, but slowly started to make friends. During the next few months I found the family readiness team & joined. I met other spouses and started a playgroup. Within a year I was contracted by the government & my playgroup I created became a preschool.I started my own business to help other military children & families.

Describe how you support your community:
My family & I were stationed in a community that had little military awareness. A place that many military children & families were stationed yet, the local school the military children attended, had no acknowledgement of them. A year went on this way, it made me sad. I joined the PTA & created a Veterans Day program, A Week of Military Child Appreciation & the 1st ever all military Girl Scout Troop in Orange County California. I’ve been an advocate for diversity & inclusion ever since! So proud to say these programs I created are still active! So glad to see the community needed a way to show their support, so thankful I could be that bridge. I’m a Transitional Kindergarten teacher and I love it! I have several military children & families in my class. I feature these amazing families in the article I write titled, “Military Mom,” that is featured in our local community magazine Monterey Bay Parent.

What platform do you advocate for? Why?
If I were accepted as Military Spouse of the Year, I would use my platform to advocate for military children & families through diversity & inclusion programs. I would use the model of the successful programs I’ve created in the past to showcase our lifestyle to all communities. I would advocate the inclusion of military children and families to be implemented in schools across the nation. I believe in my heart the more our military children & families are included in their local communities, the more successful the experience would be for them at school. I would continue to be that bridge in advocating for military families to be included & understood in their local communities at all stages of military life.

How have you spread the message of your platform?
In The Monterey Bay Parent Magazine I write a monthly articled titled “Military Mom,” in which I showcase military families, & share their stories with the local community.

What do you hope to accomplish with the AFI Military Spouse of the Year® title?
If I’m selected AFI Military Spouse of the Year I hope to be an advocate for the inclusion or military children and families in their community across the nation. I will use my experience and programs I created to serve as tools in accomplishing a diverse and inclusive environment for our children and families everywhere military service members are stationed.


I’m so proud of my mom. Her friendly ‘momlike’ attitude helps make her an awesome transitional kindergarten teacher! She loves to help the little ones, just like she has helped me and my brother. She has stayed at home our whole lives, she has always been there for us. For all the hard work my mom has done for the military in the past 15 years, I would proudly like to nominate her for the Military Spouse of the Year Award.
- by harmony jones

Brandi Jones has made an astounding number of clubs, sacrifices, and military appreciation days and touched hundreds of people in her 15 years as a military spouse. My wife has done many things for military families like founding and running “Mommies Like Us, a preschool playgroup for military toddlers. She also created a Girl Scout Troop for military girls and was given the Opening Doors award by the Orange County Girl School for doing so.Mrs Jones has also received several letters, such as a letter of appreciation from the Commanding Officer for being a family readiness assistant in 2009, and another from Dr. Jill Biden in 2011 for the creation of Mommies Like Us. Other things she has done include being a PTA military liaison, founding a Veterans Day Program, founding a Week of Military Child Appreciation.She is an amazing Mom to our middle school & high schooler! She always has a smile! She is a wonderful teacher of transitional kindergarteners & a proud Marine Wife!
- by james jones