Tips for Safely Storing Summer Toys & Gadgets

Before we know it, the summer nights will turn into autumn mornings, and the pool floaties will turn into your favorite flannels. As we transition, we must understand the benefits of adequately storing your summer gear away. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to ensure your belongings are ready for next summer!

Patio Furniture

You don’t want to leave your furniture exposed to different weather elements during the rainy/snowy winter months. You should wash and let it dry thoroughly before moving it to storage or putting a weather-proof cover over it. If you plan to store it inside, a climate-controlled unit will keep your furniture clean, dry, and ready for spring. Cover the furniture with something loose to protect it from dust, but avoid plastic covers as they can build up damaging condensation even in a climate-controlled space.


Gas grills should have their propane tanks removed, and all valves should be fully turned off. Charcoal grills should be free of ash or dust. Grates, grease traps, and all other components should be cleaned and free of any food residue that could attract bugs, rodents, or different bacteria.

Lawnmowers and Yard Tools

Ensure they are clean and run the engines until the gas tanks are empty. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for long-term storage, so your tools are in the best shape for the next yard care season.


Run your boat once more. Please pay attention to any issues that may need repairing before storing them away for the colder months. Be sure to drain your boat of any excess water. When cleaning your boat, remove any plants, barnacles, and water life that may have made a home on the exterior of your boat. Winterize your engines to avoid corrosion.

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