Summer Tips For Renter Insurance

Whether staying home or traveling during the summer, renter insurance can help ease your mind of worries in potentially dangerous situations. We call it summer fun for a reason!

Let’s explore how renter insurance helps you in each of the following cases:

1. Fire and Smoke

Outdoor BBQs are one of the greatest joys of summer, but a small fire in the grill left unnoticed can damage your entire house. Accidents occurring because of outdoor grills are pretty common in summer.

Summer is also when the fear of wildfires is at its peak. If a wildfire destroys your home, you’ll be looking at a severe financial loss. Your personal belongings, including expensive appliances, and furniture, can be lost in minutes.

2. Thefts and Burglaries

The threat of thefts in the summer tends to be at higher rates as more people take vacations. It's not just break-ins, either. Your bikes, vehicles, and outdoor equipment are also vulnerable. If your insurance policy doesn't cover you, these thefts can become a costly concern.

Having the right renter insurance in place will ensure reimbursement for stolen items!

3. Things Get Overheated

Summers are only getting warmer as time goes on. The most common AC-related problem is water damage--if the drainage vent hasn't been properly cleaned and water starts dripping into your apartment or home, it can warp floors or ceilings.

Make it a priority to check your drainage vents and clean them regularly. This will help avoid long term damage and costly replacements.

Make it a summer of fun rather than a summer of worry. With the protection of AFI’s Umbrella Insurance, which includes coverage above and beyond your homeowner, personal liability, and auto insurance. Protect nearly everything else with AFI insurance products. Learn more here.