Summer safety checklist

Summer is made for fun in the sun! In the midst of family vacations, stay-cations, outdoor adventures, and more, making sure you and your family are safe is always the most important.

Use our summer safety checklist to head into your summer with ease! These tips will help you stay prepared for any adventure:

Travel safety

  • Maintain proper air pressure in your tires and all your summer toys
  • Check your car’s fluid levels and air filters
  • Have your car battery checked
  • Make sure your first aid kit is well equipped with your essentials

Water safety

  • Practice proper water supervision, even in shallow water, especially if there isn’t a lifeguard on duty
  • Consider swimming lessons if you’re interested in water fun this summer
  • Get certified in CPR
  • Always have life jackets on hand, just in case
  • Use plastic instead of glass when storing food and eating supplies
  • Be respectful of beaches, lakes, and nature. Leave things as you found them and keep in mind that you’ll be around other people during peak seasons

Insect safety

  • Apply insect repellent
  • Implement repellent treatment in your yard like spray or citronella
  • Be cautious of ticks and other potential bug bites

Play safety

  • Always wear protective gear when playing sports or riding things like bikes, jetskis, or riding in a boat
  • Check the area for broken glass or other dangerous objects
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and courteous of others


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