Stress Free Ways To PCS With Pets

PCS season can be stressful, no matter where you’re moving. Those inevitable challenges always arise - and that’s just if we’re talking about humans! That’s right, military moves can be challenging for our furry friends, which is one reason AFI offers pet health insurance.

Records and Papers

Your pet is a member of the family. That means you have to square them away before you pull out of the driveway for the last time.

For example, hand-carry any of your pets’ medical records and any other important documents that you may have (i.e. breed papers). Parents have to make sure the kids’ documents like medical and school records are in order when they move. Similarly, pet owners should set aside time to organize their pet’s administrative records.

Whether your pet’s records are digitized or hard copies, develop a plan to transfer them to your new duty station. That’s one less thing to worry about when you’re getting the lay of the land when you first arrive!

Speaking of breed papers, did you know AFI’s pet health insurance covers breed-specific conditions? Download our brochure to find out more about our coverage.

Keep Fido and Fifi Comfortable on the Trip

Handle With Care: Your Pet’s Lovies and Toys

We all have our favorite things we refuse to travel without. Whether it’s a neck pillow, our ear pods, or a good book, we simply can’t imagine going on a trip without them!

Our loyal animal companions are no different. Don’t forget your pet’s favorite toys and comfort items in all the PCS prep chaos. Set those beloved blankets and chew toys aside someplace where the movers won’t pack them. Oh, and make sure it’s someplace where you won’t forget them!

How to Look After Your Pet’s Health and Safety During Your Trip

Of course you don’t want to forget your pet’s prized possessions during your move. But you also want to look after their physical health and safety on the trip itself.

The ASPCA offers helpful tips to pet owners who are traveling with their animals. Those tips include:

  • A pre-trip checkup and vaccine review to make sure everything is up-to-date. They recommend obtaining a health certificate from your vet within 10 days of leaving.
  • Now, we don’t want to jinx it, but in case your pet runs away or get lost en route, the ASCPA has some mitigation tips. Not only should your pets wear their collars and tags, they suggest including destination information on the tags. They mention breakaway collars for cats.

Since many military families travel by air when they’re moving, here are some of the ASPCA recommendations for flying with pets.

  • If travelling by air, try whenever possible to book direct flights. This way, you can minimize your pet’s time on the tarmac in hot weather. You also avoid any mix-ups in getting them to their connecting flight.
  • The ASPCA recommends transporting your pet in a USDA-approved shipping crate.
    • Visibly write the word “LIVE ANIMAL” on the outside, along with your name, destination, and contact information, along with any other relevant details.
    • Consider attaching a photograph to the outside of the crate, as well. This aids in identification should they make an escape!
  • Freeze a dish of water for your pet to avoid spills. It will melt by the time he or she is thirsty. Tape dry food to the outside of the crate, too, so that airline workers can feed your pet during the flight.

This PCS Season, Trust AFI With Your Pet’s Wellness

You care about your pet, and so does AFI. Of course, you want everything to go smoothly during PCS season, and so do we. In the event of the unforeseen, your pet’s emergency or urgent care visit may be covered under our pet health insurance.

Worry about one less thing during an anxious time. Request a pet health insurance quote today!