Pumpkin spice and preparedness — Making your home fall and storm ready

Autumn! Just the mention conjures up images of fiery-colored leaves, chunky sweaters, and yes, everything pumpkin spice. As we eagerly swap out our summer shorts for cozy scarves, it's easy to get caught up in the magic of the season. But let's not forget, with those cool breezes come the gustier ones – I'm talking hurricanes. How about we marry the fun of fall decor with some real-deal storm preparedness? And while we’re at it, let's chat about how AFI’s Renter Insurance has got your back.

Fun meets functional – autumn DIYs:

1. Sand-filled pumpkins: Try this twist. Fill your carved pumpkins with sand. They’ll look adorable at your entrance and double up as sturdy weights when those winds pick up.

2. Artsy storm candles: Grab a bunch of plain candles. Give them a fall makeover with shades of golden-yellow, russet, or bronze. Not just mood-setters, these are your beacon during power outages.

3. Rustic shutters: Who said storm shutters have to be boring? Wooden finished ones can give your home a cozy cabin feel while still playing defense against those winds.

4. Cozy storage benches: Think of comfy wooden benches that open up to store your emergency kits. Cute and clever, right?

Here's why AFI’s renter insurance is your fall BFF:

1. More than just a building: Your landlord’s insurance might cover the bricks and mortar, but what about your grandma’s vintage clock or your new gaming console? That's where AFI steps in, guarding the stuff that makes your house a home.

2. Got guests? No stress: Hosting a fall party or having family over for Thanksgiving? AFI’s liability coverage ensures you can focus on the fun, not the "what ifs."

3. No-nonsense pricing: No credit score peeping. Just $20 a month and, if you go auto-pay, no pesky installment fees. Straight up.

4. For those who serve: Whether you bunk on base or have set up shop in civilian digs, AFI gets it. We’re here for the protectors – like you.

Wrapping up, while you’re savoring that pumpkin pie or jumping into a pile of leaves, remember the comfort of autumn isn't just about warm vibes; it’s also about feeling secure. With a touch of DIY creativity and AFI by your side, you're all geared up for a season of memories, minus the worries.

This autumn, mix in some coziness with confidence. With our simple DIYs, make your home both festive and storm-resistant. And to add an extra layer of peace to your pumpkin-spiced days, consider AFI Renter Insurance.

Don’t leave it to the last leaf drop. Dive into the season prepared! For a warm and worry-free fall, visit afi.org and get covered.

Cheers to a safe and snug autumn!