Protect Yourself from These Summertime Liabilities

As the heat of the summer rolls in, we are all eager to get outside and bask in the summer fun! When it comes to activities like backyard BBQ’s, a pool day or heading to the lake for some boating excitement - make sure you’re practicing safety first so you’re not left singing the summertime blues.

Before kicking off the summer with your annual neighborhood BBQ, It is a good idea to inspect all of your outdoor appliances as owning cooking appliances can lead to a home insurance claim. For example, a faulty grill could lead to a large insurance claim in the event that it were to explode. The same can be said about any type of outdoor cooking appliance. Inspect lines, ignition areas and any appliances in your yard that contain gas and fire. Inspect the areas that your appliances live at, to ensure nothing surrounding it is flammable.

Building the family treehouse this summer? When it comes to treehouses, falls are the most common cause of injuries. However, you don’t have to be part of this statistic! Reduce the risk of injuries in your treehouse by:

  • Building it low: You must anticipate a fall at some point in time. Avoid building a treehouse higher than 10 feet above the ground. Furthermore, lay down at least 9 inches of wood mulch or a protective surface to decrease the shock of a fall.

  • Limit Access: Be clear about rules, supervision and behavior. Practice with your family so that it’s clear every time.

  • Leave out the ropes: Ropes may be an attractive accessory at first, but they pose a huge risk as a strangulation hazard.

ATV’s, boats and jet skis, oh my! The summer is the perfect time of year to tap into your adventurous spirit. Whether it’s on wheels or on the water, implementing safe practices for you and your loved ones gives you the peace of mind you deserve so you can focus on having fun. Connecting with your insurance company about things like medical coverage, property damages, emergency services coverage, watercraft liabilities, equipment coverage, etc. ahead of time will allow you to take any necessary steps to prepare for the months ahead.

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