Protect Your Symbols of Love with Armed Forces Insurance

When you think of the valuable items in your home, what comes to mind? Is it the watch from your grandfather, the pearls from your mom, your wedding and engagement ring, or the glittering charm bracelet you received for Mother’s Day?

These items are more than just beautiful, sparkling trinkets -- they are symbols of love. Each comes with a story, whether it’s one of family heritage that is passed down, or from a moment you’ll personally never forget.

Do you remember the feeling of your spouse dropping to one knee? The look on your teen’s face when they opened a special graduation gift? The gemstone necklace you received for your birthday? The China and crystal you received as wedding gifts? The earrings you saved up for and bought yourself to honor your journey?

Don’t you want to protect these symbols of love?

What Has Meaning to You

You probably own more valuables that you realize. Besides jewelry, here are some other items that may be in your collection that you haven’t considered. These are the items that if lost, stolen, or damaged, might hurt your heart.

  • Fine art
  • Antiques
  • Firearms/weapons
  • Rare books and manuscripts
  • Fur
  • China and crystal
  • Musical instruments
  • Stamps and coins
  • Cameras
  • Silverware

Now that we’ve tapped into joyful memories, let’s reflect on stressful ones. Think about that feeling you have every single time you watch your military movers pack up your things. Again and again, every few years, we military families welcome movers into our home. Although we do what we can to take as many important items with us in our car or carry-on bag, we often end up crossing our fingers and trusting the movers to handle the rest.

AFI’s Valuable Item Insurance

Protecting your valuable collections, jewelry, and symbols of love is affordable through AFI’s Valuable Item Insurance. The professionals at AFI want you to know that although most homeowner and renter insurance policies include coverage for personal items, many limit that dollar amount.

They recommend a separate policy, and here’s what you need to know:

  • Each $1,000 of coverage is only $9 per year with no deductible.
  • Appraisals are requested on all insured items, and are required for any item valued at or above $10,000.
  • Gemstones valued at or above $10,000 require a current appraisal from a graduate gemologist.
  • Minimum valuation per item is $100.
  • You can get coverage for a single piece of jewelry or for multiple items.

Trust Armed Forces Insurance

Designed with the military in mind, AFI proudly supports what’s important to your military family through personal service and competitive rates. Created and led by former military leaders who understand the unique challenges that come with military service, AFI has supported military families for over 130 years. Their coverage options provide peace of mind for active, retired and former military personnel, their families, and civilian Department of Defense employees. For more, please click here.