Preparing Your Home for Spring

Believe it or not, spring is coming. It comes every year, why should this one be any different? That can mean only one thing: if you’re a homeowner, it’s not too early to think about preparing your house for spring.

While it’s important to safeguard your house with regular seasonal maintenance, get complete protection for your property and your family, too, with an Armed Forces Insurance Homeowner Policy.

Winter is the ideal time to begin preparation for spring. Even as you’re looking out through a frosted windowpane onto a snow-covered vista, clutching a hot mug to warm your icy finger tips, your thoughts should be turning to spring cleaning and prep.

Getting Started:

Whether you’re staying put or PCSing this summer, it’s important to spruce things up. A well-maintained home is crucial to your home’s value. Fine-tuning things affects everything from the house’s structural integrity to its curb appeal.

Moreover, there’s the psychological satisfaction that comes from starting the season of regrowth and renewal in clean, fresh, and sound surroundings.

Here is a simple checklist you can use to get your house ready for April showers and May flowers!

Indoor Maintenance and Organization

First, start from the inside and work your way out. This is a good idea when you’re getting ready for spring if it’s still too cold outside where you live to work on exterior projects. This way, you can feel like you’re making progress (because you are!)

Pre-Spring Cleaning

  • Baseboards
  • Outlet covers
  • Walls
  • Faucets and showerheads
    • Unscrew aerators and sprayers, soak for an hour in ½ water, ½ vinegar solution before rinsing with warm water
  • Clean all vents (behind dryer/stove range/air filter/vacuum)
  • Declutter and wet dust to remove allergens caused by dust
  • Clean all vents


  • Check pipes for leaks
  • Test your home’s fire alarms–change batteries, if needed
  • Replace filters around the house: stove ranges, air vents, water filters

Outdoor Cleaning and Organization

This part is probably what most people associate with the process of getting a house ready for spring.

Here are some tasks to break down the process into simple steps that will increase your home’s curb appeal and help protect your home exterior from weather. Paying attention to things like gutters, siding, pests, and foundation keeps your home in good working order and prevents the need for expensive repairs down the road.

  • Clean gutters of the dirt and debris that accumulated during the winter Clean your home’s exterior windows Check, clean, and if necessary, repair your foundation vents Examine your outdoor furniture and grill for rust/warping, and clean them Wash your home’s siding – research the right kind of cleaning solution for your home’s siding (i.e., wood, metal, vinyl, composite)

PCSing This Summer? Don’t Wait!

If you’re moving this year and planning to put your house up for rent or on the market, don’t wait till crunch time to prepare. Getting your house ready for spring while the weather outside is frightful is a great way to take your time and really get things in order.

Take your next snow day to make a list of all of those little repairs and touch-ups around the house that need tending to. Think of that carpet with the weird smell that needs to be cleaned, the cabinets that need painting, or the window treatments that are faded and collecting dust. Then, develop a plan of attack, and get to work!

Spring cleaning, organizing, and giving your decor and appliances a facelift are all effective ways to diminish PCS-season stress later on!

This time of year can be dreary, but you can help hurry the renewal and freshness that accompanies spring by preparing our homes.

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