Prepare Your Garden For Fall

While spring is the time to plant new plants, and summer is the right time to watch them grow, your garden needs care during fall as well! As the weather cools the plants mature and move towards hibernating during winter. However, preparing your garden during the fall will make your spring garden that much better! Here are some tips that will help your garden welcome the arrival of Autumn.

Examine your garden

To prepare your garden for Fall, first walk around it and examine it with care. Look for bald patches of soil that require soil amendments, overgrown plants that need to be divided, note down which bulbs need to be removed before winter, and which plants might need to be moved indoors.

Remove Mulch from Stems and Trunks

As you’re examining your garden, remove mulch from stems and trunks of trees and perennial shrubs. This will help prevent the formation of mold or mildew as there is no moisture trapped. This will make for a more seamless bloom.

Clean out the weeds

Don’t let those weeds overwinter in your garden. Clean them out now and prevent weeds from going to seed, digging deeper roots, and doubling your weeding efforts for next year.

Prepare new beds

Preparing soil for planting is a critical step in ensuring the success of a garden without proper attention, it will be difficult for seeds to thrive weeks down the line. First, you should ensure the chosen area is clear of irrigation or utility lines that may not be immediately noticeable. Dead vegetation should be cleared out, and soil should be flipped over section by section.

Protect Your Fall Garden to Extend the Harvest into Winter

Be prepared to protect your crops from frost so you can keep your fall garden going as long as possible. Depending on your climate, you could keep them going all winter long!