Pack your bags! The 3 essential travel tips for your summer vacation!

Summer travel is shaping up to be a hot AND busy one after such a cold winter. With everyone eager to pack their bags, it might feel a bit overwhelming when thinking about where to start with your itinerary.

Need some travel tips to plan your summer vacation? We’ve gathered our top 3 tips to make the most out of your summer travel plans!

Consider close to home

Major cities are known to boast endless amounts of activities and options, but these can sometimes carry a hefty price tag and added stress when it comes to accommodations. Smaller cities often offer charming and unique experiences that you won’t find in bigger cities, while also allowing your vacation dollars to stretch a lot further. Sometimes exploring locally makes for the sweetest memories!

Drive vs. fly vs. train

If you’re heading somewhere and you’re not sure the best way to get there, do your research to see which option is the most cost-effective. Doing your research ahead of time on the safest, most practical form of transportation options helps alleviate a heap of stress upon arrival (especially if you’re traveling with family or a big group!)


While hotels will always be all the rage, sometimes vacation rentals offer a two-in-one when it comes to experiences and a place to sleep! While price is a factor, you also want to stay somewhere that feels safe and secure for you and your loved ones. Read reviews, communicate thoroughly with your host, and ensure the surrounding areas are secure for travelers like yourself!


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