Pack it up, move it out: Your PCS adventure awaits!

Ah, the PCS season! It's like the military's version of a surprise vacation, except you're packing up your entire life and moving it across the country (or the globe). Exciting, right? But before you start dreaming about your new home, let's talk about something super important yet often overlooked: renters' and homeowners' insurance. Because let's face it, amidst the chaos of bubble wrap and moving trucks, peace of mind is the ultimate moving hack.

Why insurance is your PCS BFF

Picture this: You're on the move, and so is every spoon, sock, and sentimental item you own. Now, imagine if something goes awry. That's where insurance steps in, like a superhero, ready to save the day (or at least your belongings). It's not just about protecting stuff; it's about ensuring your transition is as smooth as your grandma's silk scarf.

The great inventory escapade

One does not simply move without first embarking on the grand adventure of inventorying their treasures. Grab a quill (or, you know, your smartphone) and document the kingdom of your belongings. This epic tale of cataloging will be your map to reclaiming your riches should any of them decide to embark on their own adventure during the move.

Enter the AFI insurance knights

Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) is like your roundtable of knights, ready to defend your realm (a.k.a. your stuff). Our renters' and homeowners' insurance policies are like magical shields, offering protection from the dragons of loss and damage during your PCS quest. Plus, our policies are as flexible as a contortionist, ensuring they fit the unique needs of every military family.

Why choose AFI? Because we get it

Joining forces with AFI means you're teaming up with folks who get the military life. We've been there, done that, and got the T-shirt (plus, we insured the T-shirt). Our squad is on a mission to make your PCS as worry-free as possible, offering coverage that's as reliable as your favorite pair of socks.

Your quest for peace of mind begins

Don't let the PCS chaos steal your thunder. With a little prep and AFI's insurance wizardry, you can embark on your new adventure knowing your belongings are under the watchful eye of our protection spells. So go ahead, focus on making your new house a home, and leave the worry-wrangling to us.

Ready to turn your PCS into a stress-free escapade? Let AFI's insurance be your guide. Visit to discover how we can protect your journey and bring peace of mind along for the ride. Because with AFI, you're not just moving; you're adventuring!