It Takes Extra Planning to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays

During the holiday season, we tend to be more family-oriented and mindful of our loved ones. Are you also thinking about your lovable companions? Whether you’re going out of town or planning holiday parties at home, here are some tips on protecting your pets during the holidays.

Managing holiday travel and pets. Is your pet also visiting grandma this year? Whether by plane, train, or car, be sure to research any rules and regulations to follow as you consider taking your pets on a trip with you. Ensuring their safety is just as important as yours, and with the busyness of holiday travel, you’ll want to be more informed ahead of time.

Are they staying behind? Not all of us have reliable friends, neighbors, or anyone that can provide tummy rubs and treats while you’re gone. More importantly, who will keep them safe if danger permits itself? Find the best-reviewed pet sitters or boarding kennels to ensure peace of mind while you’re away. Be sure they have updated collar tags in case of emergency.

Holiday decorations and pets. If you have an inquisitive pet in the home, they’ll likely want to explore all the new decorations you’ve strategically placed in every room.

When lighting your seasonal candles, make sure you don’t leave them unattended or accessible to your pet. You don’t want to add spilled wax to your list of worries or risk starting a fire if it gets knocked over.

Make sure your pet doesn’t ingest limbs or droppings from your Christmas tree. Choking may occur, and pine needles can harm the intestinal tract, warranting an unplanned vet visit.

Pesky paws and electricity are never a good mix. When hanging your holiday lights, make sure you keep plugs, cables, and tinsel out of any walking paths your pet uses typically to get around the house.

Pet etiquette and holiday guests. One of the best parts about the holiday season is getting together with your loved ones. It would be wise to inform your guests of any pets before they arrive. Some people may have allergies or simply don’t care to be around animals. Avoiding conflict before it presents itself is a sure way to maintain holiday cheer. (For you AND your pet!)

While being surrounded by people may overwhelm some pets, keeping them outside during the winter season is dangerous. Prepare a room or crate that will keep them warm and gather all their favorite toys to keep them occupied while you socialize!

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