Hitting the road during peak road trip season

We get it. As soon as the first hint of fresh hair hits your face, it’s easy to long for those open roads and head out on a new adventure. You’re not alone! As Spring approaches, the highways begin to feel with eager anticipation as people begin to plan road trips.

Here are some tips and practices to best prepare yourself to hit the road!

Get a tune-up

If you are planning on driving your car over a long distance for several days, it is a great idea to let a mechanic check for problems before you leave. Get your oil changed, refill your windshield wiper fluid, and make sure all lights are in working order. Check your tires and make sure all major parts are working properly. These steps will reduce the chance of becoming stranded or experiencing mechanical issues during your road trip.

Choose a route

Many people who take road trips like to take the scenic route to their chosen destination. Part of the fun is planning your journey! Scope out what you want to see, and be sure to have access to regular stops for gas stations, bathrooms, rest areas, and food access.

Make reservations ahead of time

Overcapacity may be more of a factor during this season. It may be wise to make reservations ahead of time! Book your hotels or reserve your campsites before you hit the road.

Pack a first aid kit

If you don’t have a first aid kit in your car, here’s your sign to get one! It should be part of your road trip packing list and a necessity in your car, in general.

Plan for detours

No matter how well you plan, the hard truth about going on a road trip is that there will be unpredictable events that you’ll need to figure out how to handle on the fly. While this is part of the excitement, it can also be stressful if unprepared. Keep in mind that the weather is unpredictable, and you may need to budget extra for unforeseen circumstances.

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