Happy Military Appreciation Month!

Military Appreciation Month honors those who have bravely served, past and present, in a branch of the U.S. military. This month reminds us that we owe many of our freedoms to the sacrifices made by our military members. The month-long celebration was formally introduced by Senator John McCain in 1999, as May is a month that marks many important military anniversaries to highlight the contributions of our troops.

In addition to keeping the country safe, the U.S. military also conducts important research that has led to many important and useful civilian technologies that we use every day - like the GPS, canned food, and jet engines.

The U.S. military often engages in conflicts to help preserve the values of democracy. To honor their sacrifices, we can help our communities, serve those less fortunate than us, and exercise our rights to vote and engage with our elected officials. We can keep working towards a society that ensures equality and freedom for all.

Although the entire month is designated to honor past and present military members and their families, there are other specific military holidays sprinkled throughout Military Appreciation Month itself, including Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day. We give thanks to those who selflessly put their lives on the line so that we can stay safe and free.

Today, the United States Armed Forces is comprised of six branches including the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard, and Space Force. The U.S. military force is 2.2 million strong and includes National Guard and Reserve units.

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