Gobble Up These 5 Thanksgiving Home Upgrades

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to get a head start on that to-do list you’ve been writing in your head. Whether it’s preparing your home for the holiday company or handling some home maintenance before winter sneaks up on you, here are 5 Thanksgiving home upgrades that will compliment your holiday season.

Electric meat carver. While we are still navigating living through the pandemic, hand carving your meat suddenly feels overrated (think of the germs). The cleaner the cut, the better. This Thanksgiving, upgrade with an electric meat carver, it does all the hard work for you, and you’ll look really cool while you use it.

Check your insulation. As the cold front of winter is slowly making an appearance across the country, it’s a great time to start double-checking the gaps for doors and windows to ensure proper sealing throughout your home. You can contact your favorite handyman or treat yourself to a little DIY project. Don’t go through another year of cold toes and runny noses.

Hang your holiday lights/decor. While you’re taking advantage of the remaining days with warm weather, spruce up your home by hanging some holiday lights and decorations. Book a professional ahead of time to beat their peak season schedules!

Clear your gutters. As the trees let go of their remaining leaves, cleaning your gutters of any downfall and debris would most benefit from avoiding any potential winter freeze. Dust off your ladder or hire a professional for the safest solution.

Fall lawn care. After you clean your gutters, give your lawn some love and tidy up any excess as it falls. Keep your lawn rejuvenated with light watering, raking, and loosening any necessary soil so that new growth can occur by the Spring.

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