Driving Safety Tips During Holiday Travels

Did you know that the busiest time to drive on the roads is between October and December? Many people prefer driving this season rather than flying to avoid the crazy security lines and crowded airports.

While you're singing holiday tunes with your crew on the winding highways, please keep these important safety tips in mind:

More passengers in the car mean more distractions.

While being surrounded by loved ones always provides added entertainment, remember that more car passengers call for extra precautions. So, while you sing your heart out and make new memories along the way, remember that arriving at your destination safely is most important.

Eat, drink and be merry….responsibly.

There isn't a perfect time to partake in all three! If there happen to be alcoholic beverages involved, be sure to assign a designated driver or make plans to grab an Uber! If the weather is a factor, plan for potential sleeping arrangements if being on the road isn't a safe option.

Know your surroundings.

If you're driving to an area you don't visit often, or it may be someplace new, it might be wise to study your surroundings ahead of time! Look up traffic patterns, potential delays, and road hazards on your direct route.

Don't push yourself too hard.

While driving saves you from the chaos of being at the airport, keep in mind that your travel time may increase significantly. While arriving on schedule is of priority, be mindful of your fatigue levels while behind the wheel. Make time for breaks and stretching your legs rather than forcing yourself to push through long distances!

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