Deck the halls without the falls: Christmas tree safety with Armed Forces Insurance

It's that magical time of year again! As we all get ready to bring out the Christmas tree and turn our homes into a winter wonderland, let's talk safety and how Armed Forces Insurance has got your back in case those holiday decorations decide to stir up a little unexpected excitement.

1. Picking the perfect tree: Safety first!

Whether you're team real tree or prefer the artificial kind, safety starts at selection. For the real tree aficionados, make sure your tree is fresh - nobody wants a dry, fire-prone tree. And for those who go artificial, look for the flame-retardant types. Remember, a stable base isn't just good sense; it's a must to prevent any accidental toppling.

2. Strategic placement is key

Position your tree away from heat sources like fireplaces and radiators. It's not just about avoiding fires; it's also about protecting your tree from turning into a holiday hazard. And of course, make sure it doesn't block any exits.

3. Lighting it right

Before you string those lights, give them a thorough inspection for any wear and tear. It's not just about keeping the lights bright; it's about preventing electrical mishaps. And always, always turn off the lights when you hit the sack or leave the house.

4. Decorating with care

Got curious kids or pets? Place those fragile ornaments up high. We love holiday sparkle, but safety trumps decor. Secure everything well to keep your holidays merry and injury-free.

5. Stay hydrated (for real trees)

Keep that real tree watered! A dry tree is more than just an eyesore; it's a fire waiting to happen. So keep the water coming and keep the holiday cheer safe.

Now, let's talk about how Armed Forces Insurance can help keep your holidays worry-free. Despite our best precautions, accidents can happen. That's where your homeowners' or renters' insurance steps in. These policies often cover damages caused by holiday mishaps, like an overzealous tree taking a tumble onto your TV.

But remember, not all accidents may be covered, and there are limits. It's a great idea to review your policy or give us a call to ensure you know exactly how you're protected this holiday season. Request a quote at

With these tips and the peace of mind that Armed Forces Insurance offers, you're all set for a holiday season that's both safe and spectacular. Here's to a season filled with joy, laughter, and the comfort of knowing you and your home are well-protected.

Happy decorating and happy holidays!