Business insurance 101 — Empowering military spouse entrepreneurs

Navigating the business world while balancing the ever-evolving demands of military life? It's an endeavor only the bravest undertake! To all the military spouses out there, seamlessly shuffling between roles and responsibilities, your dedication and drive warrant unparalleled safeguarding. Step in, Armed Forces Insurance – your steadfast companion in ensuring your business stands resilient.

Why choose Armed Forces Insurance for business coverage?

There's something beautiful about serving those who serve. When you trust AFI with your business insurance, you're not just choosing a company. You're joining a community that understands the military life's ins and outs, from PCS moves to deployments. Here’s the scoop:

Personal touch: Forget one-size-fits-all. With AFI, you get your very own insurance agent who knows your name and your business story.

Tailored plans: Every business is unique. AFI crafts insurance coverage considering your specific needs, so you’re never left in the lurch.

Legacy of trust: With a whopping 136 years serving military families, AFI is that old family friend you can rely on. They've now expanded to include business insurance through collaborations with national carriers.

Demystifying business insurance:

You’ve got questions, and AFI agents are here with answers. From explaining coverage options to guiding through claims, they've got your six.

Types of business insurance to consider:

Business property: All that equipment, stock, and supplies? They need protection, no matter your business size. AFI ensures your assets are safeguarded against unforeseen circumstances.

Business liability: Let’s face it, even the best-laid plans can go awry. Whether it’s an on-site incident or an off-premises mishap, liability insurance keeps your back covered from any ensuing chaos.

Business vehicles: Traffic mishaps are more common than we’d like. Whether it’s your personal vehicle or a fleet, AFI ensures your business remains on the move, come what may.

Worker’s compensation: Accidents don’t come with a warning. Worker's compensation not only looks after injured employees but also shields you from any potential lawsuits related to workplace injuries.

Builders’ risk: If you're into construction or renovation, this one's crucial. From the initial groundbreaking to the final ribbon-cutting, every stage brings its risks. AFI provides evolving protection as your project progresses.

For us military spouse entrepreneurs, every day is a fresh challenge, met with unwavering determination. Your business is your dream, and it deserves the best protection. With Armed Forces Insurance by your side, you can focus on what you do best – running your business with all the passion and grit that only military spouses bring to the table.

Ready to shield your dream venture? Dive in and explore all that AFI has to offer. Head over to and let them stand guard while you continue to conquer. Make the choice today and ensure your business thrives tomorrow.