8 Date Ideas Just In Time for Summer

After being cooped up for much of last year, you’re probably ready to enjoy the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, and a sense of freedom! Why not invite your significant other? A little fun is what you could both use right now!

8 Outdoor Date Ideas for This Summer

The days are longer and it’s the perfect season to explore your surroundings in gorgeous weather! Thanks to the military, you could be stationed near the beach, then the desert, near national forests, or in a snowy tundra! No matter where you are, there are hidden gems just around the corner, waiting to be discovered!

  1. Glam picnic. If you’re looking for a special twist on a classic picnic, bring a few fancy accents. In addition to a picnic blanket, consider adding some pillows and plush throws. Get a swanky picnic basket with flatware, cloth napkins, champagne, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and charcuterie. Bring a bluetooth speaker and stream a playlist of your favorite music to create your desired vibe.

  2. Hiking. Change your surroundings and break free from the four walls of your home or office! Ensure quality footwear, bring hats, sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, and water. Take a small backpack for supplies or bring a Camelbak backpack for extra hydration.

  3. Water fun. Who doesn’t love time at a pool, lake, ocean, spring, or river? Check local offerings for swimming, or renting canoes, kayaks, surf boards, or jet skis.

  4. Geocaching. Go on a treasure hunt using coordinates! Geocaching adds another adventure level to hiking, since you’re on a mission to locate a surprise. Go to geocaching.com to choose millions of geocaches hidden worldwide.

  5. Historic sites. Some duty stations are surrounded by rich history, and you can explore parks with reenactments, museums, historic homes and government buildings, or traipse through castles (hello, Europe). Save time and book tours online ahead of your visit. (Don’t forget to ask about a military discount!)

  6. Local art. Explore art museums, sculpture parks, galleries, and even outdoor theater. Look for upcoming exhibitions, as there are often opening events with free wine and snacks.

  7. Music scene. Do you miss live concerts? So do we. Many businesses are opting for outdoor venues for both large and small acts, so check out local restaurants with patios and courtyard performances, or larger amphitheaters for bigger ensembles, bands, or performers.

  8. Motorcycle ride. This one may not be for everyone, but if you or your spouse rides, you’ve already been dreaming of this. For those of you who love riding, we are excited for you! There’s little else like the hum of the engine and the pavement under your feet. If, on the other hand, only your spouse rides and you’re hesitant about joining, set some ground rules. Pick an area and time that won’t have heavy traffic, agree on top speeds, and make a signal if you start to get uncomfortable. Whether you are controlling the bike or riding on the back, we wish you a great adventure!

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Whether you’re hitting the open road, catching a performance, getting in touch with nature, or making a splash, we wish you and your loved one a safe and happy summer!

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