5 Ways Your Insurance Protects You Around the Holidays

Nobody knows the importance of protection better than the veterans and service members who have served in our nation's military. This protection includes making sure that your home, auto, and business are in good hands and will be taken care of in the event of an emergency.

Insurance for veterans and their families is important as it keeps safe what should be protected. This is especially true for the holiday season; while we associate the holidays with love and relaxation, they are not all sugarplums! Here are the top 5 ways your insurance protects you around the holidays.

  1. Protection from Winter Weather. We love a winter wonderland, but depending on where you're stationed, the weather during the holiday season can be dangerous. Blizzards with high winds and icy projectiles in parts like Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson can easily damage your home and vehicle. In addition, slipping and falling due to ice and snow is much more common, and your home or business can possibly be held liable. Armed Forces Insurance protects your home, auto, and business from unforeseen circumstances.

  2. New Cars and Expensive Presents Are Protected. It is common to buy a new car around the holidays, so auto insurance is essential. But if someone steals the presents you have in your back seat, the personal property off-premises coverage as part of your homeowner insurance will cover you. If you are shopping at multiple stores, be sure to keep all of your purchases under a blanket in the trunk. This may not be as easy if you drive an SUV. Unfortunately, people are more desperate during the holidays. It doesn't always bring out the best in people, making everyday shoppers like yourself more of a target for thieves and robbers. If you find yourself in this situation, those gifts would be covered by your home insurance or renter insurance. People also buy more expensive presents that may be stolen or damaged before the big day. Luckily, home and auto insurance can help protect these purchases in the event of an incident.

  3. Holiday Parties Can Potentially Be Damaging. This is the time of year for holiday parties, both at home or in the office. However, gathering a bunch of people in one space can sometimes lead to disaster - specifically an incident where you might be found liable. If you poison someone at dinner, the liability portion of your home insurance is there for you. Home and business insurance can protect you from these claims and let you gather to celebrate the holidays without fear.

  4. Lights and Decorations Can Be Hazardous. Christmas lights and holiday decorations are a huge part of the holiday season. However, they also have the potential for harm: lights can spark fires, and decorations can fall and cause damage to your property or even another person. Insurance is the best way to make sure lights and decorations bring only joy to your holiday season.

  5. Ever heard of Engagement Season? It turns out the holiday season is also primetime to pop the big question because most people are already gathered with friends and family. If you or someone in your household is likely to get engaged this holiday season, make sure you add the ring to your homeowner insurance or renter insurance policy. Otherwise, there's a chance that it won't be covered in the event of a disaster.

These are just some of the ways that insurance can protect you during the holiday season! Many companies offer discounts or benefits for service members and their families, which are definitely worth pursuing. With insurance covering everything from your home, family, and friends to your business, you can relax and enjoy the holiday season without the overwhelm.