4 Tips to Help You Stick to your New Year Resolution

As we turn the page and head into 2022 - your New Year Resolution is at the forefront of your mind, right? Something about a fresh start gets those motivational juices flowing. It tends to be an exciting time for so many, embarking on new beginnings and walking the path of “New Year, New Me.” Though everyone’s list is different, one thing remains the same: the safety of you and your loved ones during the year ahead.

Here are some tips that will not only help you stick to your New Year’s Resolution, but will keep you safe and prepared!

  • Make a mini resolution. Who says you have to go big or go home? There’s nothing wrong with making less ambitious, but more achievable, goals like running a 5K or organizing your most out-of-control closet.

  • Be specific. We tend to give up because we make resolutions that are too general or too difficult to measure. Examples include “get healthy” or “spend more time with my partner.” Instead, vow to “Walk an extra 20 minutes every day” or “Schedule a weekly date night with my other half.”

  • Time to use that planner. Maybe you have a big goal like “start a business.” If so, you’ll have more success if you plot out the many steps it takes to make it a reality. Buy a goal-setting planner or download an app to break down your plan by month, week and day to ensure you’re hitting every desired milestone.

  • Enjoy and protect what you already have. Perhaps you recently invested in something big, like a new home or a renovation project! If so, take the time to enjoy what you already have before thinking ahead to the next thing you need or want.

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